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May 14, 2020

McBride Fun Videos

May 14th of this year was set aside for the staff and students of Richard McBride to express how much we appreciate you, our parents, for all you do at the school to support our community. Unfortunately it looks a little different this year. Instead of a coffee and a choir, we have prepared a different kind of treat that will sing your praises. Check out the video below to view McBride’s special message.

Please find below a video created by the amazing Ms Jhaj with technical support provided by Ms Stephan. We hope that you enjoy the video and hope it brightens your day! On behalf of all of our staff, please enjoy!

McBride School Goal Continues to be Visible!

A huge thank you to our thoughtful crossing guard Karl for helping to keep our school goal visible. Our students will recognize these banners which they completed with their buddies just before Spring Break. Thank you to the PAC for their support in purchasing the materials for this collaborative project. You will see these sprouting up around our campus keeping our school goal messages alive!