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February 22, 2018

Animals on School Property

The School District’s policy regarding bringing pets to school is designed to ensure the safety of our students. Animals are not allowed on school property without the prior approval of the Superintendent or the designate.

Guide dogs and police dogs are allowed under the control of their owners. Also, with prior approval, animals brought for specific purposes, such as classroom demonstrations or units of study in the class, may be brought to school. Some teachers may choose to keep small animals in a cage or aquarium for instructional purposes, and will have received prior approval. We know that you share with us the desire to keep children safe on school grounds and in the buildings. We are reminding everyone, please do not bring dogs or other animals onto school grounds when you drop off or pick up children; this includes all areas of school property. Also, some children are allergic or fearful of these animals. Please assist us in keeping all animals off the school grounds. Additionally, this is also a reminder that animals cannot be left tethered and unattended according to city Bylaw No. 7856, 2013.