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November 12, 2021

City Sewer & Water Construction

Dear Skwo:wech parents, caregivers and students,

Next week the City of New Westminster is set to start work pertaining to the Sapperton Sewer Separation and Waterworks Program, which will affect Keary and Simpson streets first. In later months this will also affect sections of streets directly adjacent to our school. We want you to know that both our school and District staff have been consulting with the City as we all aim to ensure work is done in a way that reduces the impact on our school and it’s operations, as much as we can.

As it pertains to the later work that needs to be done directly adjacent to our school, either along School Street or Richmond Street, the City has committed to the following:

  • Not actively working during the busy drop-off and pick-up times, whenever possible.
  • Ensuring appropriate flaggers to support safe passage for students, families and community members.

More information on City of New Westminster roadwork and construction can be found here:

If you have any questions about this work the City of New Westminster is doing, you can contact Amir Aminpour at

For the next few months the City work will not be impacting our drop off and pick up zones, but it will likely slow down the process of moving around our neighbourhood. With narrow streets, and dark and wet days in front of us, it’s more important than ever that we work together to keep everyone safe.

There are steps parents, students and community members can take to help. Please:

  • Plan extra time for pick up and drop off, it may take longer.
  • Plan your driving route in a loop around the construction, so that you do not try and turn around mid-street and block the flow of traffic for others.
  • Do NOT drop your children off along the opposite side of Richmond Street … asking students to run across the middle of the street is very unsafe for everyone.
  • Make sure children are using corners and crosswalks to get to school.
  • Remember: school zones are in effect. Keep to the speed limit and stay aware.

As we receive updates from the City on this project, we will share them with you as well. Thanks for being partners in helping keeping us all safe.

Kind regards,

Mrs Chad