Student Learning Conferences

Conferencing will happen two times throughout the year.


Wednesday October 27th, 2021

Thursday October 28th, 2021

and then on:

Wednesday March 9th, 2022

Thursday March 10th, 2022


Appointments will be set up directly with your child’s classroom teacher.

What is a Student Learning Conference?

A student learning conference allows students to take the lead as they provide the teacher and their parents with examples of their academic progress. It encourages students to take responsibility for their learning and to share their work.

Research shows…

that student achievement increases when parents, students and teachers work as a team.

A student learning conference is an opportunity for parents, students and teachers to engage in conversations about students’ learning at home and at school.

What is my role in conferencing as a parent?

Realize that this is an opportunity to:

  • View learning experiences through the eyes of your child
  • Listen to your child as he or she presents the information
  • Question and encourage whenever appropriate
  • Ask specific questions and give positive feedback
  • Focus on what your child can do and has successfully achieved
  • Compliment your child on a job well done


There will be further information about Student Learning Conferences closer to the dates.