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March 10, 2018

Pink Shirt Day 2018

At McBride Pink Day was a day focused on raising awareness of bullying and spreading kindness. At McBride, our students and staff have been learning about how we can stand up against bullying behaviours by taking action and becoming Upstanders.

We encouraged everyone to wear something pink if possible to symbolize that we, as a society, are committed to working toward a kind, empathetic, respectful, bully-free and discrimination-free world.

Our whole school community spent time this month brainstorming ways that we can make our commitment to living our school charter come to life.  Our gym was wrapped with messages of how our students can take action when struggles occur. The upstander messages included things like “Be yourself,” “Be unique,” “Report to an adult,” “Be an Upstander”  and many more messages.

The Kindness Captains were very busy throughout the month of February celebrating Acts of Kindness as well as sharing their own acts of kindness for others.