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December 11, 2020

Report Card Information: Reporting Updates

The Term 1 Report Card reflects your child’s current learning progress to date over the past term. We recognize that all children learn and develop at different rates and times, and we will continue to support your child in their learning journey.  This year, across our District, we are making some adjustments to our reporting procedures to align with the redesigned curriculum: https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/.  If you missed it in our newsletter a few weeks ago, here is the link to view the New Westminster Schools Reporting Video for Parents/Guardians: https://youtu.be/djax6pP3w7k.

For our K-5 families, your child will receive a comment and a proficiency scale for the Term 1 mark. The new Ministry of Education proficiency scales are:

  • EMG-Emerging
  • DEV-Developing
  • PRF-Proficient
  • EXT-Extending

Parents/guardians of Grade 4 and 5 students who are new to the proficiency scales may speak to their teacher and request a letter grade if they wish.

Proficiency Scale and Letter Grade Alignment

Proficiency Scale


Our report card comments will continue to focus on what your child knows, can do, and understands in each curricular area. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please connect directly with your child’s teacher, they would be happy to connect.