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Financial Hardship: The District is committed to ensuring that no school-age student will be denied educational opportunities due to financial hardship.  Parents and guardians unable to pay some or all of a school fee are invited to speak to their child’s teacher, school counselor, and/or school principal.

Skwo:wech Grade 1 Supply List

Skwo:wech Grade 2 Supply List

Skwo:wech Grade 3 Supply List

Skwo:wech Grade 4-5 Supply List

Skwo:wech Montessori Grade 1-2 Supply List

Skwo:wech Montessori Grade 3-4-5 Supply List


For Kindergarten supplies, we arrange a bulk order from Creative Children which encompasses all the school supplies your child will need for the year. These supplies include all stationery, art supplies, notebooks, and tissues. The requested fee for the kindergarten supplies is $45 for each child and the item will become available on School Cash Online early in the school year.


For your convenience there is also an option to purchase school supplies through Creative Packs which will be delivered to our school for the start of the school year.

Online ordering is currently available at

To take advantage of free delivery to the school, online orders must be placed by Monday, July 1, 2024. Orders placed after this date will incur a $11.00 shipping fee per pack and items will be shipped by Canada Post to your home. Packs will have a tracking number that will be emailed to you 24 hours after it is processed by Canada Post.

Part A: The essential pack with items chosen by your teacher/school. This comes as a package deal with all items listed included. Items cannot be changed or omitted.

Part B: Students will also require items in Part B. We understand that these are items which sometimes can be reused year to year. You may bring them from home and/or you can choose to purchase any needed item(s) from Creative Packs by adding them to your Pack order.
**Part B items must be ordered at the SAME TIME as the Part A Pack. You cannot come back to the website and order Part B items separately.


2024/2025 Creative Packs Supply Lists

Creative Packs Grade 1 Supply List

Creative Packs Grade 2 Supply List

Creative Packs Grade 3 Supply List

Creative Packs Grade 4-5 Supply List

Creative Packs Montessori Grade 1-2 Supply List

Creative Packs Montessori Grade 3-4-5 Supply List